16 Reasons to Buy from WEC
We have over 50,000 square feet of warehouse space
  1. Wholesale Equipment Company is one of the largest stocking wholesalers for such items as lockers,clip shelving and rivet shelving. 
  2. 10's of 1000's of athletic and corridor lockers in stock at all times in six plus colors
  3. No investment required
  4. Competitive pricing - FOB our warehouse.
  5. Orders packed and shipped to order - no minimum quantities required.
  6. Quick shipping time due to local inventory.
  7. Lockers shipped pre assembled at no additional freight cost.
  8. Assembly and installation available on all locker orders.
  9. Shop drawings done in approximately one week.
  10. Ability to drop ship directly to end user or to dealer.
  11. Lower freight cost due to our volume shipping and great discount.
  12. No paying freight carrier separately.
  13. Quick response to claims.
  14. No freight claims for the dealer.  Wholesale Equipment Company handles all claims on prepaid shipments.
  15. Literature, catalogs and price lists available to dealers at no charge in reasonable quantities.
  16. Wholesale Equipment Company can offer training to a dealer's sales personnel - people sell what they know with confidence.
Lockers are carefully packagedPre Assembled Lockers can be sent directly to your siteQuick shipping time
Lockers shipped pre assembled and carefully packed at no additional freight cost.
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